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PО Odesa Citizens Support Fund

You are Ukraine

We are civilian Ukrainian men and women who cannot stand aside when the country is in trouble. Each and every one of us wants to contribute to the protection of our land

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Our projects

The projects of our fund are aimed at supporting our soldiers, migrants and local citizens in need

Locals For Locals

Locals For Locals

The aim of the project is to revive the transport network between local farmers, producers of the province and cities.
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Let's Talk

Let's Talk

The aim of the project is the psychological support of mother and child in war conditions.
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True Work

True Work

The aim of the project is employment of migrants and Odesa residents who remained without permanent employment.

What do we do

Gathering of tactical first aid kits and backpacks for paramedics

The importance of operational medical care for soldiers cannot be overestimated. And that is why we take care that military medics are provided with high-quality modern sets of medical equipment.

Aid to hospitals

Wounded soldiers and war-affected civilians need treatment. And therefore, hospitals must constantly receive medicaments and equipment — and we contribute to this.

Direct addressed assistance

Our foundation cares not only for institutions and organizations. We deliver essentials to individual families, single elderly people, people with disabilities and other vulnerable categories of the population.

Humanitarian support of the Ukrainian army

The needs of the Armed Forces and Territorial Defence are not only weapons and equipment. We took on part of the task of providing army living: household chemicals, linen, food, clothing.

Organization of charity events

In peaceful life, our "main line-up" was busy in the restaurant industry. And we use this experience to hold charity events, holidays and other events for different categories of Ukrainians.
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