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Fund “You are Ukraine”

Support for citizens of the Southern region

We gathered in a difficult time. In a time when it makes no sense to make plans for years ahead, when the situation changes every day, when our lives are now not at all the same as before February 24, 2022. Actually, we see the whole world differently now.

But will and desire can also change the world. And the better, the more active people consolidate for this. Our active team gathered around the foundation, which was started by Eduard Hurwitz in 1992, when he did not even become the mayor of Odesa for the first time. Then the fund was meant first of all to help the people of Odesa. But now the whole country is united, now we are all intrinsic, no one is alien.

That's why we expanded the scope of our assistance to the entire Southern region (Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson regions), and added the words "You are Ukraine" to the name "Odesa Citizens Support Fund".


The main areas of work of our fund are

✅   Assistance to displaced people and needy locals

✅   Gathering of tactical first-aid kits and backpacks for paramedics

✅   Search and delivery of cars for the Armed Forces

✅   Gathering and daily distribution of humanitarian aid from all over Europe

✅   Local business support and employment projects

Our achievements

During the 4 months of the war, we were able to obtain and deliver:


  • More than 100 tons of humanitarian aid from different countries

  • 3 ambulance machines for hospitals

  • 20 000 hygienic sets

  • 22 machines for the army's needs

  • 400 radios

  • 15 000 dry rations

In our sewing workshop we will post:


  • 5000 sets of warm linen

  • 1500 balaclava

  • 1000 positive effects

  • 3000 loads

3 social projects were organized which you can find on our site:


"Let's talk"

«True Work»

«Locals For Locals»

The plans for a short time have another project "Eco first".