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Three main theses of the interview with "ElitExpert"


Three main theses of the interview of Hanna Yermakova, SEO of the Fond “YOU ARE UKRAINE”, for our colleagues in the edition of “ElitExpert” ⏬

❶ All the more difficult it becomes to obtain donates and humanitarian aid from abroad, and people languish in help. For example, in my last two weeks have gone on trips to five European countries in order to personally get acquainted with partners, to open new branches to build trust.

❷ It is important to help. It is very important to be responsible for events taking place in the world, even if it does not take place in your country. Always have to remain a person. We will be glad if there are more sincere and sympathetic people on earth.

❸ The most difficult thing for me is the inability to do many processes simultaneously. Delegation of authority is also difficult. But the fund gathered the best team, I fully trust them and therefore now the difficulties are more technical than moral.