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Mental injuries are invisible, however, no less painful

Today we are all experiencing war trauma. And it is accompanied by many emotions: fear, stress, anxiety, aggression, lack of a basic sense of security, and many other experiences. However, mothers have to cope not only with their emotional experiences but also with their children.

So we launch the project aimed at the psychological support of mother and child. Each mother had the necessary tools of psychological self-help, and also the opportunity to get professional psychological help.

If you need advice, you would like to apply for help or to register for the reception, please contact our site coordinator, psychologist Yuliia Koroi:

☀️ +38 093 069 27 77, @Yuliia_koroi ☀️

Emotional Abbey course

Target audience:  Women with children aged 4-7 years.

Number of participants: 10-12

Duration: 1 day / 4-5 hours.

Goal:  To acquaint mothers with peculiarities of development of the emotional sphere of children of preschool and junior school age. How to help a child understand the range of emotions. Why live emotions it is important? Ecological ways to release emotions. Effects of leakage and blocking of emotions. Importance of emotional development of the child.

Tools of psychological self-support in stressful situations for mother and child

Target audience:  Women with children aged 7-12 years.

Number of participants: 10-12.

Duration: 1 month. 4 meetings within a month. One meeting - 3 hours.

Goals and methods:  To help mothers effectively cope with their stress and child stress. The actuality of the principle "oxygen mask is dressed first to itself, and then to the child". Working with stress and accompanying experiences, stress impacts mental and physical health. Self-help equipment for mothers and children.

Course "Pregnancy during the War"

Target audience: Pregnant women.

Number of participants: 8-10.

Duration: 3 months. 4 meetings per month one meeting / 2-3 hours.

Goal:  Emotional support for women during pregnancy in military time. Breathing gymnastics, self-help techniques during stress, work with fear. Apart from psychological support, it is important to create a certain community of pregnant women to share experiences, experiences, and mutual support.

Seminar "Home children's first-aid kit"

Target audience: Women with children aged 9-15 years.

Number of participants: 10-12.

Duration: 1 day, 4-5 hours.

Goal:  What is psychosomatics? How does psychology work? What are essential oils and how do I use them? Influence of natural essential oils on physical health. Support of immune system of a child with the help of natural essential oils (EO). How to use the EO to improve sleep, relieve stress, mood, focus, and relaxation.