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True Work

You work — Ukraine works!

The future of our country depends not only on our military defenders, but also on workers who will return to work and restore the economy. Our True work project is organized for this purpose.

✅  We will help you to create a resume, which is "working", find worthy vacancies among our partners, organizations and enterprises of the city.

✅  If necessary, you will be able to get legal advice, and the psychologist of our staff will gladly provide psychological support.

✅  And it is not all! If you want to learn a new profession, get new knowledge and try yourself in another sphere, you can go through re-profiling, because we have the opportunity to organize training for you in our partners.

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Project team

HR-manager, psychologist, and lawyer are on the team of the OCSF "You are Ukraine". These specialists help people find the right job. They maintain contact with employment centers, keep up-to-date updates on the largest job search sites, and provide advice on what's possible.


For all questions, please contact our coordinator Valentina Fiut:

✉️   trueworktu.ukraine @ gmail.com
📲    +38093 442 56 81 - @Valenafiut


The True Work project includes several directions:

✅   Assistance in search of work and employment
✅   Legal support
✅   Re-profiling
✅   Social adaptation


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In June we took part in the regional vacancy fair and in the first week received more than 200 responses to vacancies from refugees who live now in Odesa. At the moment we are working on these applications.